Michael Jude Larocca

Review: Scrimba

Published on December 13, 2020

With Scrimba, you don't just learn how to code. You also become part of a community.

Scrimba Logo

What is Scrimba?

Scrimba is an online coding school that offers free courses as well as paid.

I've been a member for quite some time now, so I was one of the first members to enroll for their new "Front-End Developer Carrer Path."

Front-End Developer Carrer Path

Scrimba awards Students with a certificate and a graduate badge upon completing the Front-End Developer Carrer Path. I am looking forward to showcasing them in my portfolio.

I am currently halfway through this career path, and I have already completed many of their courses.

Scrimba has a unique and engaging learning platform.

Scrimba has an exclusive and unique platform for online learning. They call them "scrims."

A "scrim" is an instructional coding video that can be paused and edited by a user. The user can then save the edited code they created for use later and then continue the screencast.

Scrimba Screen cast

Scrimba's screencasts are remarkable. It truly is, as they advertise, a next-generation platform for learning how to code.

While I'm learning on other coding platforms, I find myself frequently "clicking" on their coding videos, expecting them to stop so that I can edit the code. Scrimba has spoiled me!

They have exceptional teachers.

Scrimba has recruited top YouTube content creators to teach their courses. To name a few, you will find talents such as Gary Simon, Kevin Powell, Ania Kubow, Cassidy Williams, James Quick, Jesse Hall, and of course, you will find my favorite teacher, Dylan Israel!

They have a thriving Discord community.


What is Discord? Discord is an application that provides voice, video, and text for its users to communicate. People use it to chat, hang out, and stay close with their friends and communities.

So far, I'm having an excellent experience with the Scrimba Discord community.

To encourage student participation on their Discord channel, they award weekly medals to each study group. The more each group gets engaged on their Discord channel by posting, sharing, and helping each other, the higher the rank medal they receive.

This week our study group "The Booleans" won our first gold medal! The Booleans - Gold medal

They have a friendly and encouraging staff.

Scrimba also has friendly and encouraging staff.

Leanne is on their Discord channel daily, helping and encouraging students. She deserves a raise!

Leanne message

Leanne message

Leanne message

On several occasions, Leanne brought my work to the teachers' attention and the CEO Per Borgen! As a result, my projects were reviewed and positively commented on, which is very encouraging!

Michael message

Per message

Booker from Scrimba took the time to review my code from one of their challenge projects, provide encouraging feedback, and then directed me to his instructional videos to further study the topics. Per Borgen, you also need to give Booker a raise!

Booker Comment

Scrimba's weekly challenges.

You can also sign up for and take part in Scrimba's weekly challenges. When you subscribe to them, they send a weekly coding challenge to your inbox.

Date: My submitted weekly coding challenges
11/25/2020 CSS panels (Star Trek - Theme)
11/18/2020 Short Changed (Star Wars - Theme)
11/11/2020 Magical Squares
11/04/2020 Responsive Content
10/28/2020 Logo Editor

I had an incredible experience while taking part in one of the weekly challenges, which I will elaborate on in another post. The result was that my challenge project received over 1,000 views on Twitter!

Rubiks Cube - Tweet Analytics

Scrimba offers several free courses.

As well as paid courses, Scrimba also offers several free ones. So If you are not yet a Scrimba student, please consider enrolling today!

If you are already a member and agree with my review of Scrimba, please share this article to help promote them!

Key Points

  • Scrimba has a unique and engaging learning platform.
  • They have exceptional teachers.
  • They have a thriving Discord community.
  • They have a friendly and encouraging staff.
  • They offer weekly challenges to help reinforce your learning.
  • Scrimba offers several free courses.

Dylan Claus

Special Event!

Scrimba teacher Dylan Israel's latest course is a festive one, and there is still time to get in on the fun!

Check out his latest course, "24 days of JavaScriptmas," available now on Scrimba.

See the details below:

24 days of #JavaScriptmas Level up your JavaScript skills with a daily coding challenge from December 1st to 24th, 2020. Every day, we'll pick a winner who gets Scrimba Pro for a year (worth $150). In addition to the daily prize, we'll hand out a Grand Prize of $1000 along with a lifetime Pro membership on Scrimba on Christmas Eve!


Scrimba has created a unique and inclusive learning environment. Their screencast technology makes learning to code more interactive, and they have a thriving Discord community that provides encouragement, collaboration, and support.

Scrimba also has exceptional staff and teachers, making learning to code with them an enjoyable experience.

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